James M. Tantalo

James M. Tantalo

James M. Tantalo is a committed attorney specializing in personal injury, workplace injury, and automobile accidents. Known for his methodical approach and empathy, James has a proven track record of advocating for victims and securing just compensation for their losses. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of injury law, from initial consultations and settlement negotiations to trial advocacy and appeals, ensuring his clients are supported at every turn.


James embarked on his academic journey at the University of Michigan, where he pursued a dual degree in Literature and Philosophy. His undergraduate education was characterized by a deep engagement with critical thinking and ethical reasoning, skills that have greatly informed his legal practice.

Following his passion for justice and advocacy, James attended the University of Illinois College of Law. There, he further developed his interest in injury law, distinguishing himself through his participation in legal clinics and his commitment to serving those in need.

James's professional career commenced at a respected personal injury law firm in Michigan, where his analytical skills and compassionate approach quickly made him a key asset. He has since dedicated his practice to representing individuals affected by severe and catastrophic injuries, leveraging his deep understanding of Michigan's legal landscape to advocate for his clients' rights.

As a licensed attorney in Michigan, James is an active member of the State Bar of Michigan, where he engages with peers to advance the field of personal injury law.

In his free time, James enjoys reading and woodworking.